"Why should I listen to you, anyway? You’re a virgin who can’t drive."

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thank you Bathtub Barracuda.

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With a strong basis in expressionism, atmospheric sets focus on elements that create a pervading tone, mood, romance, mystery or nostalgia.  There are numerous ways to do this, but atmospheric elements found in theater have included (but are not limited to) rain, snow, glitter, bubbles, confetti, streamers, fog, foam, haze and confetti. No matter what the set is “the space in which the story must unfold. The element employed may have a metaphorical effect, but also has to prove itself within the given bounds.”

Radical German scenic designer Katrin Brack has mastered atmospheric set design.  She describes her work as what “fits as a gesture, without shamming through decoration”. 

Her groundbreaking design for “Ivanov” was made entirely of “a fog controlled by a draught across the stage as a moving sculpture in “Ivanov”. As simple as it was total.” Characters entered thru a thick wall of fog at the back of the stage, disappearing and appearing out of thin air with little to no real “scenery” (we’ll work on a definition of scenery at another time). 

The production and her design looks stunning and audience members have told me it’s unlike anything we’ve seen here in the States.  But in Europe her design has sparked a debate on what scenic design is and on a more core level- what scenic design can be.  Some people say Katrin’s set isn’t set design.  Others say it’s crossed into a new phase of design, taping into something a standard piece of “scenery” (again we’ll define this later) can’t express. 

Can atmosphere be scenic design?  Comment below and let me know what you think and send me some of your favorite atmospheric sets.

"Ivanov" - Katrin Brack

"Moliere" - Katrin Brack

"Tartuffe" - Katrin Brack

Prinz Friedrich von Homburg" - Katrin Brack

"Das grosse Fressen" - Katrin Brack
Title: The PS1 startup sound in glorious 1080p 307,956 plays

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I wonder if Michael Brown’s mom looked at him like that when she found out he was going to graduate.

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That expression of gratitude on your parent’s face doesn’t darken with the realization that the bill is getting paid with dirty money. Instead it stays bright stays relieved and nothing is better than really feeling your parents be proud of who you have become.

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Poverty changes every aspect of how you view life. I’ve done shady shit and can see why people live their lives that way to survive, to excell, but there is something incredibly real about working hard and it paying off.

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I can give my dad money for groceries when there has been times my little brother and I looked for pennies in other people’s car just for a bowl of fried rice.

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Being able to say: “don’t worry about that bill mom, I got it.” Life fulfilling.

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Having grown up poor, being able to ask: “Can you break a hundred?” Is one of the most satisfying feelings ever.

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from Dënver’s Los Bikers

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queerilla asked: Also: I started watching BoJack Horseman because of you how did netflix get away with lowkey releasing this gold.


everyone should check it out


If I text you back fast its not because Im thirsty its because my phone was in my hand at the time. The waiting to text people back on purpose shit is childish

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